CHaMP Workbench

Metric Definitions

Metric Definitions

Select Metric Definitions Data storage from the Data menu for detailed information about metrics. Metrics can be filtered using the Model, Schema, and search box to the left of the window that appears.


Double click on an individual metric to open additional details. Changes to metric details are only stored locally and never synchronized with CHaMP Monitoring. Changes may be lost or create conflicts when updates to the workbench database occur so it’s important to backup your Workbench database.

There are 4 tabs to navigate metric metadata:

Data storage: Provides property details of individual metrics:

Data storage

Schemas: Allows assignment of metrics to schemas:

Schema List

Metadata: Provides links to metric definitions:


Validation: Allows update of thresholds used for validation:


Metric Attributes

  • ID: (MetricID) Unique identifier of metrics within the Workbench db.
  • Title: Common metric name
  • Short Name: Metric Abbreviation
  • Model: Model source of the metric. Sometimes called “Engine”.
  • Active:
  • XPath: location of metric within the source model xml file.
  • Documentation: primary link to metric metadata and definition.
  • DataType:
  • Threshold: Allowed tolerance from Validation metric values.
  • Precision: Preferred decimal place precision
  • Minimum: Minimum allowed value. Used to identify outliers during validation.
  • Maximum: Maximum allowed value. Used to identify outliers during validation.
  • Updated: Date of last metadata update.