CHaMP Workbench


CSV - Comma separated values. Refers to a partciluar text file format that separates columns of data using comma characters.

GeoTIF - See TIF.

IMG - ERDAS Imagine image raster file format.

Life stage - a distinct development phase for an organization. Each HSC, HSI and model simulation is associated with a particular life stage. Typically life stages represent stages in an organizations life that have specific habitat requirements.

Project Input Variables - represent one variable that is tied to a project data source and a variable. i.e. The project input variable “2015 Depth” might be associated with a raster project data source and tied to the variable “Mean Water Depth”.

Raster - GIS file that contains values across space for a particular phenomenon. The values are arranged as an array of equally sized cells. Rasters are stored as TIF or IMG files.

Species - type of organization. Each HSC refers to a particular life stage of an invidual species. Any species can be represented - not just fish.

TIF - raster file type. Also refered to as GeoTIF.