CHaMP Workbench

2016 Release Notes

6.0.12 29 Nov 2016

  • Hot fix to previous metric review change. Putting parameters in the correct order for Microsoft Access query.

6.0.11 - 29 Nov 2016

  • Fixing metric review query to select the newest metric result value (ignoring results that don’t include any values for the specific metric).

6.0.10 - 9 Nov 2016

  • Three digit formatting on metric columns in the metric review data grid.for analysis by

6.0.09 - 17 Oct 2016

  • Fixing HTML validation report to exclude tier 1, 2 and channel unit metrics. This report only works with visit level metrics.
  • Minor bug fixes to the user query management user interface.

6.0.08 - 14 Oct 2016

  • New User feedback feature for capturing and storing metric review comments in workbench database.
  • New Metric Review feature for reviewing metric values by program.
    • Allows custom plots using any XY combination of metrics associated with the program
    • Users can enter feedback as they are viewing plots
    • Metric grid of all metrics for the selected program
  • Master database version 32.

6.0.07 - 5 Aug 2016

  • Channel unit CSV generation
    • Updated CSV columns to match 2016 broker file format.
    • New batch CSV generation feature
  • Log file scavenging now stores the run date-time, model version and batch run ID when reading a log file. The first two are always read and populated in the database. The batch run ID is only populated when a log file is scavenged as part of a Workbench batch run. Simply scavenging log files from disk will not populate this field.
  • Master database version 31.

6.0.06 - 23 June 2016

  • FTP switching between AWS And CHaMP
  • Tier 1 and 2 as well as channel unit metric scavenging
  • New visit filtering:
    • site name
    • stream name
    • Primary / non-primary
    • Default to no watersheds selected.
  • User queries.

6.0.05 - 3 June 2016

  • Changing MinDatabaseVersion software setting scope from User to Application.

6.0.04 - 3 June 2016

  • Metric validation report model version filtering fixed.
  • Cleaned-up the new dynamic report selection form.
  • Fixes to habitat batch builder
    • FIS models now possible.
    • automated variable naming improved
  • Database Version 29
    • Habitat metric results query
    • Hiding unused queries

6.0.03 - 30 May 2016

  • Workbench now ships with the latest database and helps users create a new copy of the database if they don’t have one.
  • Visit properties for viewing channel units, metrics, logs.
  • Add custom visits to the database.
  • Scavenge habitat metrics into the workbench database.
  • Updated to the latest reports.
  • Historical discharge viewer.
  • Exporting and loading selections of visits to CSV file.
  • Fixed field season filter listbox (was duplicating values)
  • Version 28 0f the database:
    • Reversing Bankfull and Other child metric grouping list items.
    • Dropping Result_Old and SourceFile fields from Metric_Results table
    • New Metric_Habitat table with relationships
    • New species and life stage lookup list with values
    • Split HSI and FIS into two separate model types in the lookup list
    • Dropped IsBridge field from CHaMP_Visits
    • Added Remarks field to CHaMP_Visits
    • Added new Metric_Plots table to support visit details in workbench

6.0.02 - 19 May 2016

  • Uses Database version 27.
  • Database version checking at startup.
  • First public version for the 2016 field season.
  • CHaMP Protocol ID imported from exports
  • Unified model run process.
    • Batch generator filters for visits associated with protocols that have topo data.
    • Checkbox for making the new batch the only queued batch.
  • Hydro Prep integration.
  • Validation reports
    • Manual Metric Validation Report
    • Watershed Report
  • Normalized metric database tables & scavenging
  • Min/ Max value fields associated with metric definitions.
  • Metric grouping lookups.